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11 reasons to have sex tonight

02 Dec

Everything in the world is about sexWhen you are in a bad mood, worry about your body or health problems, one of the best solutions for you is sex. Yes, sex is vital to all of us. Power Khan gives you ten scientifically proven reasons to have sex as often as possible and with the help of natural Viagra – Power Khan − you can achieve tremendous results. Take a look:

1. Sexual intercourse will help you to deal with stress.

It is proven that those who have sex regularly, overcome stress better than those who refrain.

2. Sexual intercourse will improve your immunity, thus help your body fight against microbes, viruses and other intruders.

A herbal remedy Power Khan may be used as a supplement for that as its ingredients include garlic, which is one of the best immune system enhancers.

3. Sex will burn your extra calories.

Are you aware of the fact that 30 min of sex can burn more than 85 calories? We encourage you to get busy! You may even want to spare some time for sex in your schedule on a regular basis.

4. Sex will improve your heart function.

A good sex life and sexual health is important for your heart. It’s a great way to raise your heart rate, and also helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.

5. Sexual intercourse will give you more self-esteem.

It’s not only meant for a healthy life, but a happy one as well. If you suffer from ED of any kind, one of the best herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction – Power Khan can help you to boost your libido, self-assurance and joy of life.

6. Sex will improve your relationship with your partner.

Intimacy means closeness, connection, and strong feelings shared between two people. When intimacy is combined with sex it can help to bond two people, form a stronger or new relationship and may even cause you to love a person more. Power Khan will not only enhance your sexual ability, but it will make you healthier and stronger in your daily life. With a healthier and stronger body you will be enjoying your sexual life by delivering more powerful sexual pleasure to yourself and your partner.

7. Sexual intercourse will reduce any perceived pain of yours.

Before you reach for an analgesic, try substituting it with an orgasm, as orgasm releases a hormone that blocks pain.

8. Sex will reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

It is scientifically proven that men who ejaculate frequently (at least 21 times a month) are less likely to get prostate cancer. A herbal Viagra – Power Khan – is also a great help here for those who are in the risk group for prostate cancer due to their age.

9. Sexual intercourse will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, it is like a good workout session for them as orgasm causes contractions of the respective muscles.

10. Sex will improve the quality of your sleep.

11. You fall asleep quicker after sex because orgasm releases prolactin – a hormone which is responsible for relaxation and sleepiness.

Are you already convinced enough to add more sex to your daily routine? We strongly suggest you to try Power Khan to improve your sexual health and add more spices to your sexual life!

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