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Naked Celeb Pics Leading To ‘Genital Phobia’ Among Women

13 May

While there tends to be greater focus on men having to use herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction to have a good sex life, there is rarely any attention given to women who have problems between the sheets.

However, gynaecologist and fertility consultant Dr Ahmed Ismail from the Queens Gynaecology Clinic told the Daily Mail there has been a rise of ‘genital phobia’ among females.

This is when people are so concerned about the appearance of their genital region and whether it is normal they avoid having sex entirely.

Dr Ismail correlated the prominence of this disorder in western countries to the increased exposure of naked celebrity photos in this culture.

“The main cause of genital phobia is society’s increasing social openness of sex through visual content or discussions and comparisons with friends about one’s sex life and sexual anatomy,” the doctor told the news provider.

He added that women have begun to worry about their own genitalia due to stars posting naked photos of themselves on social media, talking about designer vaginas and discussing sexual affairs.

One celebrity who is known for her revealing images is Kim Kardashian, who recently posted an image of herself fully naked in front of a mirror. She also ‘broke the internet’ last year, posing naked for the cover of Paper with a champagne glass balanced on her ample derriere.

While images like this often make females worry about their own naked bodies, the need to post nude photos online may also be a symptom of genital phobia.

Dr Ismail noted that celebrities may be exposing themselves publicly to “seek approval for their bodies”.

Men can also suffer from sexual phobias, including medomalacuphobia, the fear of losing an erection, which natural Viagra treatment can help with.