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Favourite Sex Positions: What Do They Say About You?

12 Nov

Power Khan

When it comes to sex, we all have certain sex positions that we find the best for ourselves. We choose the sex position depending on the situation, on our mood, or even on the size and placement of our sex organs. There are many sex positions out there to choose from, but the one we like the most can actually define our personality and say more about us. So what’s your favourite way to do it?

Missionary style. This sex position is considered a classic one. It is the way we see people having sex in the movies, and it is the way that it “should” be. In a missionary position a man holds all the control. This position also involves romance and intimacy as it is done face to face with the partner. Men, who like to do it in a missionary style are considered to be rather conservative, who like playing by the rules and are not into experimenting that much. These men also seem to be a bit unassured in themselves, they feel a need to see their partner’s responsiveness to their actions. This position also defines a man as being loyal and dependable.

Doggy style. It’s the most common position in the animal kingdom. By being animalistic, doggy style may show that a man enjoying this position has a fear of intimacy and is generally unromantic, however, adventurous. This position expresses a man’s desire to be naughty and dominant rather than romantic. Doggy style arouses men because of its visual aspect. There is no intimacy and face to face contact involved.

Woman on top / the Cowgirl. Men who like this sex position usually do not mind being submissive, as all the work is done by a woman. However, men can be dominant in this position as well – when a woman reaches an orgasm, men can give her deeper penetration and thus enhance her sensations. Being on the bottom, men can relax and enjoy the view of their partner’s body. The preference of the Cowgirl position defines a man of being playful, caring and concerned to please his partner.

Spooning. The spooning position is considered as one of the most intimate ones. If a man enjoys this sex position, it shows that he is caring, passionate and willing to please his partner as he has a chance to stimulate her with his hands as well. Spooning position may also show his possessive and dominant nature, but it also can be a sign of his low self-confidence.

Standing. This position may be done in many different ways – against the wall, on the table, in a shower, etc. The standing sex position defines a man as naughty and adventurous, enjoying taking risks and being turned on by the feeling of getting caught. This position holds associations of guilt, secret and fun.

Is any of the abovementioned positions your favourite one? Does it define your personality in the right way? You are welcome to comment under this blog post and share your insights.
To conclude, sex is a great thing to do regardless of its position. It should be fun and pleasurable for both partners. There should not be any misunderstandings or embarrassment. Remember, if you have any kind of problems related to your low sexual performance or just willing to have more energy in bed, a natural herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction – Power Khan – can help you overcome your problems and enjoy qualitative sex in any of the sex positions you choose! Have fun:-)