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What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

21 Jun

This week is Men’s Health Week, so a great time to learn more about erectile dysfunction remedies so you can start to take control of your sexual and genital health. This common disorder is not the only thing that could affect your penis and your ability to have intercourse however, with a new study finding that one in 20 men suffer from a problem known as Peyronie’s Disease according to a new survey. So what is it?

Peyronie’s Disease can cause an erect penis to curve and shorten, making it painful or even impossible to have sex. In fact, of those who suffer from the disease, 24 per cent are no longer sexually active according to The Express.

Of those sufferers, 45 per cent said that their doctor wasn’t very helpful, and 40 per cent were not even offered any treatment for the problem.

The goal of Men’s Health Week is also to talk about how problems such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease can affect mental health too. This survey found that 60 per cent of Peyronie’s sufferers have been since diagnosed with depression, leading to 10 per cent of relationships to break down. That figure for depression stands at 82 per cent for those with erectile dysfunction according to Everyday Health.

However, depression and erectile dysfunction are linked much more inherently. Depression can cause erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction can cause depression. It can be hard to identify the start of this cycle, let alone break it without the help of ED drugs and the likes of herbal Viagra.