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5 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Libido

29 Nov

Are you finding yourself too stressed out or too worked up to find time for your partner? Feeling almost unmotivated to engage or seek sexual endeavors? Suddenly realizing that overall sex drive is low. Maybe you aren’t the sex machine, you once were. It’s time to increase your libido.

It may be that you are older, it may be that due to workload stress levels are high. Stress is one of the main factors that diminishes libido due to it’s negate effect to endocrine system. Nevertheless you can minimize or even eliminate these effects.

Take essential fats

To increase your libido you should supplement your diet with foods that helps to maintain your testosterone levels. Consume more essential fats. You can find them in these food sources:

  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachio)
  • Peanut butter
  • Fish (salmon, tuna)
  • Olives
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs

Don’t overthink it. For example, just mix almonds with greek yogurt and eat it with breakfast meal. Repeat it every other day and be consistent with it. Of course you can change food sources or try out new recipes.

Stick to a sleep schedule

There are few things that can lower your testosterone levels in your body. We already mentioned the importance of healthy fats and how it affects your hormones. The second and probably most important factor is sleep. For example, according to Journal of the American Medical Association’s study that after one week of just five hours of sleep nightly, testosterone levels dropped 10-15 %.

Keeping up with work schedule and finishing all the deadlines can get you that promotion. But more often than not it will cut down on sleeping hours. Eventually it adds up to mental and physical exhaustion.

On the other hand, if you are letting yourself go, relaxing too much, other areas of your life will suffer – job, relationships, ext. Balance is the key. It’s recommended to have 8 hours of sleep everyday. So try to sleep at least 7 hours from now on.

Manage your stress levels

Stress is major driver of low testosterone levels. A stress-driven phenomenon called “cortisol steal” can lead to a hormone imbalance where the production of testosterone is decreased in favor of cortisol. Cortisol is essential hormone, but large amounts of this hormone are toxic, some call it “the aging hormone”.

There are numerous ways to deal with stress. There are few that can cause more damage than good results, like drugs, being impulsive and seeking confrontations. We will try to list the most effective ones:

  • Exercise. If you are working at the desk all day, you should sign up for a gym membership. Even if your work at requires you to move – you should sign up for yoga class to stretch your muscles and back. Remember – don’t go overboard. Just add it the schedule and stick with it.
  • Socialize. Being socially active and having a place in your community or just having a circle of close friends can tremendously help you to deal with stress. Don’t forget that we are tribal animals after all. We work and thrive by working together.
  • Indulge in a hobby. Stress and anger should be directed. One of the ways to do that is to to have a healthy hobby. Reading books or writing a journal are great activities, they let you form different perspectives and it’s great for your mental health.

Watch porn in moderation

There are numerous possible causes for male sexual dysfunction – physical illness, physical impairment, emotional stress. However, another increasingly common cause of sexual dysfunction is heavy involvement with pornography and masturbation.

A person who spends the majority of his sexual life viewing and masturbating to digital pornography is likely, over time, to find his actual partner less interesting and less stimulating than the endless and constantly changing array of imagery he finds online.

Symptoms of porn-induced male sexual dysfunction include the following:

  • The porn user can easily achieve an erection and orgasm with porn, but not with an in-the-flesh partner.
  • The porn user can only reach orgasm with in-the-flesh partners by replaying porn imagery in his mind.
  • The porn user increasingly prefers pornography to in-the-flesh sex, finding it more intense and stimulating.

Like any other addiction it’s quite hard for addict to admit it’s a problem and fix it. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but porn addiction is growing cause of sexual dysfunction.

Avoid alcohol consumption

While alcohol enables people to overcome their sexual inhibitions or anxieties, contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not an aphrodisiac and can actually inhibit your ability to attain an erection.

According to numerous studies excessive drinking is a common cause of low libido. When amount of alcohol in the blood increases, the brain’s ability to sense sexual stimulation decreases. In regard to circulation, alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, which influences the way the blood moves in and out of the penis. A good blood flow regulates the relaxation and contraction of the penis, so one can get and maintain an erection.

Drinking in moderation can be beneficial to your heart health, and therefore your sex life.

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Last words

Please understand. If you want results – you have to make changes. You don’t need to follow everything we have suggested, but you have to decide and make the change. Also don’t overthink and overcomplicate the process. Do that you can now and small changes letter.